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Living in a Castle

Our schoolchildren live in small residential groups, which are divided according to age and gender into two separate areas for boys and girls in the castle or in the two garden Pavilions.

The pupils eat breakfast, a midday meal and an evening meal in the historical Knights Room which is located in the castle and serves as our Mensa. There the food is freshly prepared by our kitchen assistants. We pay particular attention to ensure a wide variety of food and a healthy lifestyle.


Outside school lessons, the teenagers are supervised by our educational support staff. These are primarily our educators. As trained teachers, state certified and social educators, these employees are specially trained and experienced in educational work and in dealing with teenagers; many of them have worked in similar positions in Germany or abroad.

In each area there is at least one permanent educator (female and male) exclusively allocated for girls or boys.

These educators or mentors accompany the pupils through everyday life and support them: this of course also means ensuring that the teenagers fulfil their educational and extracurricular tasks. The educators maintain close contact with the teachers at the school.

After School Activities

There is a wide range of opportunities for students to take part in adventurous activities during their time at Crassenstein. Although these opportunities are usually optional, all students are encouraged to participate.  Additionally, we hope that through participation in the After-School Activity Program, students will develop a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, gain confidence by exploring their limits, are being educated in assessing risks and having experiences which provide enduring memories.  Rock climbing, hillwalking, mountaineering, horseback riding, skiing, mountain biking, alpine skiing and ski touring are just some of the activities offered as part of our After-School Activity Program.


One of the main attractions of a boarding school education, for both students and their parents, is the range of activities offered by our school. Students are encouraged to further develop their talents and gifts. We also aim at enabling young people to identify and develop new talents and to become aware of which activities they wish to extend into adulthood. The school encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.

Among extra-curricular activities students can choose between e.g.: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Archery, Table Tennis and Taekwondo; during the weekends there is the possibility of horse-back riding and golf. Every year we offer challenging expeditions, water sports and winter sports as an integral part of our activities program for all students.
In addition, students can choose from a variety of optional individual activities, clubs and societies to supplement the core program. Our aim is to develop healthy and confident young people, with an appreciation for healthy lifestyles.

Music & Culture

In addition to the lessons in the afternoon, which are mandatory, every pupil must participate in a range of extra-curricular options. Besides regular cultural trips, a wide range of music and performing arts activities are offered, e.g. drama & dance clubs, fine arts and music classes. There will be visits to theatres and museums in Beckum, Münster, Bielefeld – for longer excursions to places like Cologne, Hannover, Amsterdam etc.

In their leisure time, the schoolchildren have a generous number of rooms in the castle at their disposal for collaborative activities. These include TV lounge, Billiard, the library, music practice rooms and a gym.

Weekend Activities

We also place value on the so-called boarding school weekends since weekends spent together helps the pupils to grow together in the community. To provide a balance, our pupils are free to travel home in the holidays or organize, with the help of the school, holiday excursions together with their parents in Germany or Europe.

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