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Learning in Crassenstein

Privatschule SchlossCrassenstein is a boarding school for students of Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 and a language school for Junior and Adult students. The languages of instruction are English and German.

We will offer the following choices for our students:

  1. International Abitur or IBD*

starting with Grade 9 or 10 aiming at the InternationalesBaccalerauateDiploma after Grade 12.Teaching Language is English with German as the 2nd Language. Third Language is Chinese or Mothertongue.

  1. German Abitur

starting with Grade 9 or 10 aiming at the German Abitur (Deutsche Reifeprüfung) in close cooperation with our partner school Gymnasium Johanneum. Teaching Language is German with English as the 2nd Language. Third Language is French, Latin, Chinesisch or Mothertongue

One Year Preparatory Course (Studienkolleg) for international High School Graduates. Courses:T or W. The final admission test (Feststellungsprüfung) will be at one of our Cooperation Universities in Germany.

The successful graduation  of  either one of the program 1-3 guarantees direct access to German and international Universities.

  • International Abitur (International Baccalaureate)

A one-or two year preparatory course in Crassenstein (Grade 9 and/or 10) in strict compliance with the curriculum of the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education, as basis for the IB Diploma Programmein Grade 11 and 12.The High School Curriculum is supervised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation.Our educational program suits international but also German Families, who wish to offer their children a multilangual education at an international school in a multicultural environment.

  • German Abitur

In close cooperation with our partner school the Gymnasium Johanneum, with a preparatory year in either Grade 9 or 10 followed by two years Secondary School in Grade 11 and 12. Graduation will be the German Abitur (Deutsche Reifeprüfung).

The students live in the Crassenstein Castle. Support Lessons and complimentary subjects are an important integral part of the afternoon activities as well as sport and cultural programs.


Teaching Concept

Privatschule Schloss Crassenstein offers a solid foundation for personal development in a caring and structured environment.

A key feature of the school is to provide the space and freedom for students to develop themselves.

Every student is an individual; our teachers observe their students closely and provide optimal support in line with their needs; Students require support as they face various academic, cultural, social, emotional, physical and personal challenges that allow for positive learning experiences. We provide this support through our programs, routines and events, which are designed to encourage self-esteem, inclusiveness, respect and responsibility and to guide student choices.


The teaching plans and requirements of the IB Diploma Programme provide core values which ensure that the academic curriculum maintains a focus on the personal development of students.

We aim to keep the classes small to guarantee optimal individual development.

We run an extensive co-curricular program during the afternoons and on weekends with strong links to the local and global communities in order to broaden and balance the range of personal learning experiences.

There is no shortage of opportunity for personal growth in a school which actively encourages all of its students to set challenging goals and which supports them in striving to achieve them.


IB Diploma Program

The final stage of the Gymnasium or High School education, leads to the general certificate of aptitude for higher education, the International Baccalaureate. The aim of this stage is to provide a broad general education in preparation for university and allow the acquisition of personal, social, technical and methodical competencies. The students can express their own preferences to a limited extent, but without specializing too much too early.

The IB diploma, issued after candidates have passed their final exams in grade 12, is the document which contains their grades and formally enables them to attend University. This means it includes the functions of a school graduation certificate and a university entrance exam.

The courses are divided into three core competence subjects, one major and one elective, plus other compulsory and elective subjects. Core competence subjects are English, German, a further foreign language, sciences and mathematics. Furthermore, there will be courses in “Theory of Knowledge” and CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) classes.

*Privatschule Schloss Crassenstein has applied for candidate school status for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and pursuing authorization as an IB World School.


One Year Preparation

One Year Preparation Program

For graduates from international High Schools we offer the 1-year Preparatory School Program (Studienkolleg) which leads to the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP) in Germany. With the successful passed FSP students can enroll in any University in Germany.

For more information please contact our admission office 

Language courses for Teens & Adults in Germany

You need to prepare for your upcoming high school classes in Germany or you want to communicate well and effectively in German?

Enroll in our intensive German courses for Teens (14 to 17 years) or Adults.

30 lessons à 45 minutes per week, small groups with 6 to max. 10 students, duration as per requirements.

Ideal for students who will attend High School classes in Germany! After successful completion of the courses students will have the guarantee of a placement in the Crassenstein  High School classes!


English and Chinese Language Courses

With the beginning of the year 2019, the international private school Schloss Crassenstein also offers language courses for English. Chinese will follow soon. The language courses are aimed at participants of all ages – pupils and adults.

Let us advise you and we will make you a tailor-made offer. Define your group size, number of participants and the language level of the participants so that we can advise you optimally.

Send us your enquiry:
Carolin Mergen
Email: carolin.mergen@crassenstein.com

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