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Learning in Crassenstein

The Boarding School Privatschule Schloss Crassenstein is a boarding school for students in grades 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Our educational program in close cooperation with our partner schools is aiming at international, but also at German families, who wish to offer their children multilingual training in an international school in a multicultural environment.

We also offer language courses for teenagers and adults. The languages ​​of instruction are German and English.

We offer our students the following programs:

1. German Abitur

Beginning from grade 8, 9 or 10 with the goal of German High School leaving graduation (German Abitur).

In close cooperation with our partner schools, the Gymnasium Johanneum, the Evangelische Gymnasium Lippstadt and Gymnasium Ostendorf in Lippstadt, an introductory phase begins in the 9th and 10th grade, followed by the two-year secondary level with the completion of the German Abitur (German school-leaving examination). The language of instruction is German, the foreign languages ​​are English, Spanish and possibly the mother tongue. The students live and learn in the boarding school Schloss Crassenstein. They take part in remedial and tutoring classes and numerous leisure activities. Classes are based on the curriculum of the NRW Ministry of Culture.

2. Studienkolleg

For graduates from international high schools, we offer the 1-year course Studienkolleg for courses T, W or M in close cooperation with our partner Studienkolleg Düsseldorf, which then leads to the assessment test (FSP). The assessment test takes place at one of our partner universities or at the district government in Cologne. After passing the FSP, students can study at any university in Germany. We support the students with the required registration at a university, a prerequisite for passing the assessment test.

For more information, please contact our administration or headmaster.

The degrees 1. Abitur & 2. Studienkolleg,  guarantee direct access to German and international universities.

Teaching and supervision concept

The Boarding School Privatschule Schloss Crassenstein offers a solid basis for personal development within a caring and structured environment.

An important feature of the boarding school and the school is to offer the necessary space and freedom that enable the students to develop.

Every student is an individual; our social pedagogues and teachers look after their students and provide optimal support in line with their needs; students need support as they will face various academic, cultural, social, emotional, physical, and personal challenges, which in turn will enable positive learning experiences. We enable this support through our programs, routines and events that promote self-esteem, respect and responsibility and we will guide the students in their careers.


The curriculum and requirements of the Abitur program offer core values that ensure that the academic curriculum focuses on the personal development of the students.

We conduct an extensive co-curricular program in the afternoons and weekends, which is in strong ties to local and global communities to broaden and balance the range of personal learning experiences.

There is no shortage of opportunities for personal growth in a school that actively encourages all students to set challenging goals and support them in their efforts to achieve them.

One Year Preparation

One Year Preparation Program

For graduates from international High Schools we offer the 1-year Preparatory School Program (Studienkolleg) which leads to the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP) in Germany. With the successful passed FSP students can enroll in any University in Germany.

For more information please contact our admission office 

Language courses for Teens & Adults in Germany

You need to prepare for your upcoming high school classes in Germany or you want to communicate well and effectively in German?

Enroll in our intensive German courses for Teens (14 to 17 years) or Adults.

30 lessons à 45 minutes per week, small groups with 6 to max. 10 students, duration as per requirements.

Ideal for students who will attend High School classes in Germany! After successful completion of the courses students will have the guarantee of a placement in the Crassenstein  High School classes!

English and Chinese Language Courses

With the beginning of the year 2019, the international private school Schloss Crassenstein also offers language courses for English. Chinese will follow soon. The language courses are aimed at participants of all ages – pupils and adults.

Let us advise you and we will make you a tailor-made offer. Define your group size, number of participants and the language level of the participants so that we can advise you optimally.

Send us your enquiry:
Mrs. Rita Fust
Email: rita.fust@crassenstein.com

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