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Holiday & Summer Camp

From 27th January until 10th february and from 15th July until 20th August 2018 students from around the world aged 14 to 18 years can develop their language skills in an amazing historical and natural outdoor environment in our adventurous language and outdoor camp.

This program offers a combination of language instruction (in either English or German) with outdoor adventure. We welcome all language abilities, from beginners to advanced and are pleased to be able to offer this language learning in a historic castle with a beautiful surrounding in the heart of the Münsterland in Germany.

Our Summer Camp students can choose between a 2 or 3 week program of excellent classroom teaching of either English or German language by our dedicated teachers.  Classes will be differentiated to cater for individual student’s needs and abilities.

In addition to the language classes we enrich this program by a range of outdoor and cultural activities. Taking advantage of the nearby sport facilities and natural environment, our outdoor adventure program includes a range of sports but not limited to horseback riding, water sports and tennis, balanced by excursions into numerous historic cities nearby and surroundings as well as social events.

The two-or three-week program provides an exciting combination of academic and extracurricular activities embodying our school values and designed to develop the whole person. The three-week program offers also a choice of a one-week internship in one of the multinational companies located nearby.

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