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Conditions for registration

For the admission of a student to the Boarding School Privatschule Schloss Crassenstein, the following criteria must be observed,

Willingness and ability to meet the academic and boarding school requirements and recognize the principles of our educational philosophy.

Commitment to the goal and values ​​of the Privatschule Schloss Crassenstein.

The personality and motivation to give the best and to share experiences and talents with others.

The potential of the candidate to benefit from the educational program.

Willingness to take on tasks and duties within the boarding school community.

Language skills in German & English.

Willingness to comply with the guidelines of the school, which are confirmed by teachers and students, as well as under German law.

Meet the school’s financial and medical needs


Entry to school during an ongoing school year is possible with appropriate justification.

All applicants must have successfully completed the previous class (or equivalent) in their current school.

Applicants are expected to have sufficient language skills in German so that they can attend classes without restrictions.

However, we offer you the opportunity to bridge missing knowledge of the German or English language through intensive additional language lessons.

All applicants have to take a placement test in various subjects.

Internat & Privatschule Schloss Crassenstein

Admission Office Germany

Ms. Tatjana Becker
Phone: +49 2520 931 26 0
e-mail: administration@crassenstein.com

Our Representative in China

Ms. Renee Wu
Phone: +86 133 9511 5015
e-mail: 45638608@qq.com

Admission Procedures

The completed application form – handwritten – is to be sent by the applicant to the school office. The language certificate and the documents listed on page 2 of the form should be included. B. CV, copies of certificates from grade 8, photo, etc.

Introductory days for applicants: Individual introductory days are generally possible. Dates must match the schedule of the school and the boarding school. The students get an insight into boarding school life and the parents have the opportunity to visit the campus and make an appointment with the headmaster. Students who have visited the Crassenstein summer camp do not necessarily take part in the introductory days. An individual appointment for interviews and placement tests can be planned.

After admission, the completed registration forms and the necessary documents, e.g. give the copy of the birth certificate to the school office.

The Crassenstein school and boarding school contract is sent to the parents and requires their signature. Students who are 18 years or older are also required to sign the contract.

Please note the visa regulations in your country. It can take up to two months or more to process a student visa. The deadline for applications for applicants who need a student visa is usually mid-May.

The first half of the year is a probational period.

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